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May Horoscopes for the month - Natalie Delahaye - Professional Astrology Surrey UK


The 2 words which sum up your month are dynamism and intensity. The full moon on 6th falls in your chart area of passion and mysteries; this is the month for your passions to be the driving force of change and power in your life.  You are delving deep into your pool of desires and ambitiously forging ahead with your work and projects. The action in your life within the last month has been and continues to be your finances, both personal and joint. Expect some news related to joint finances around 6th. Your ruler Mars, planet of drive and Pluto, planet of rebirth, move to a crescendo mid month, lighting your path with opportunities for intense transformations.  Venus going retrograde on 16th marks a great time to tie up those creative projects you’ve had on the back burner. The solar eclipse on 20th illuminates the importance of learning and communication in your life; a great time to broaden your social network and learn something new. Uranus moves towards squaring Pluto; this is a time of massive liberation and revolutionary changes connected to your life path. For an  indepth reading contact me



This is your birthday month, with the sun in your sign for the first 3 weeks bringing you into the cosmic spotlight. The full moon on 6th occurs in your partnership chart area; deep, buried emotions bubble to the surface and you may well be surprised at the intensity of your feelings.  This could be a pivotal point for you in some way. Mercury moves into your sign on 9th singling you out as a shining example of one who can remain grounded and constant amidst the changeability, intensity and uncertainty. Rooted in your beliefs you are an inspiring example of one who knows their own mind. With the Sun, planet of vitality and Jupiter, planet of luck beaming rays of hope and optimism, it’s time to think big and take a chance.  Venus your ruling planet is busy working on building your finances although as Venus goes retrograde from 16th May to June 28th be careful of impulsive purchasing which you may regret later on.  Someone or something from the past that is unfinished may surprisingly re-emerge this month. The solar eclipse on 20th brings sweeping changes to your resources and value system; this will be your focal area. Mercury moves into your sign on 9th singling you out as a shining example of one who can remain grounded and constant amidst the changeability, intensity and uncertainty. Rooted in your beliefs and be an inspiring example of one who knows their own mind. For an indepth reading contact me




This is a pivotal month for you Gemini with a Solar eclipse, super new moon on 20th in your sign, a time for you to set your intentions and wishes for this year. You are making room for changes that create space for new learning, networking and freedom of movement that you, as the butterfly of the zodiac require. Venus moving backwards in your sign may bring a need to review a current commitment, the reappearance of an old love or a creative project that needs to be completed. Be aware you will be more fickle than usual, so expect a fluctuation of moods over the next month or so. You’re quieter than usual but make sure voice is on 24th. Your working schedule is illuminated by 6th full moon, you’re moving on in some way, completing of a long term project and needing to get more healthy and organised.  for an indepth reading contact me


Creativity provides an outlet for your emotions this month, you may well feel like taking centre stage around 6th. The solar eclipse on 20th marks a phase in your life when one door closes and another opens. There’s no time to be nostalgic when the new doors opens to an even better room. Solar eclipses occur when the moon temporarily blocks the sun, illuminating that which needs to come to fruition. You are seeding ideas from your unconscious as the eclipse shines onto the hidden part of you. You are likely to want some time alone, especially as your life has been so much concerned with others as of late. Listen to your dreams and intuition, they contain uncannily accurate guidance. You are especially porous right now, so be aware of what you’re soaking in from other people. Someone or something from the past that you have unfinished business with may reappear this month. For an indepth reading contact me.


As a Leo you are gifted in shining bright, whilst  basking in others orbiting around you; this month you will find yourself sacrificing a piece of your individuality so as to unite with a team of kindred souls. Your ruling planet the sun is eclipsing this month; the moon is blocking your ruler, the sun but no need to fear, rather, enjoy the new friends and associates entering your life, leaving no room for outlived friendships that have no real depth. Enjoy Shining in public this month. You have socially elevated recently and there is much expansion and new opportunities at work. Don’t bite off more than you can chew though. For an indepth reading contact me.



As a Virgo, you have a talent for seeing the minute details and recent events have challenged you to be broader and think bigger, see the bigger picture. There are exciting new changes taking place within your career, perhaps you are changing jobs or there are new opportunities for advancement as  one door closing and another opens. Your mind is sharper than ever this May and there is a big idea that’s floating around your mind, set your intentions and think positive for this on the solar eclipse on 20th. For an indepth reading contact me.


The merry month of May brings a fresh start for you, there are new horizons beckoning to you, a branching out and more meaning in your life. Your ruler Venus commences her 5 week retrograde movement from 16th; you need to use your weighing up skills (which as a Libran, you’re skilled at) in order to look past the surface beauty and see something’s real worth at a deeper level with regard to people and purchases. This is a good month for completing creative projects. Perhaps you’re thinking about a more serious commitment within a relationship, Venus retrograde is the time to consider relationships but the ideal time to make that commitment would be from 28th June when Venus moves forward. For an indepth reading contact me. 



The 4th is your time to get moving with those plans and projects, it helps that there is lots of support coming from your loved ones. Something from the very depth of you comes to the surface; Solar eclipses have a way of bringing what’s hidden into light and as a secretive Scorpion you may not be comfortable with the exposure on the full moon in your sign on 6th. There is something you need to let go of before you move on. The themes of transformation, shedding skins and something being born in your life are happening for you. Venus’ retrograde indicates a relationship transforming to a new level and a past situation repeating itself. For an indepth reading contact me.



After all that activity of late, you can take a much needed break on 6th, curl and up and go into your inner world as there is a lot more happening as the month proceeds. Your relationships are being affected the solar eclipse of 20th when you can expect a nice, new fresh start, a revival, possible ending and a chance to mend damages within a relationship. The effects and events that come from an be eclipse can take place up to 6 months after this super new moon eclipse. Whilst you may find yourself mulling over a certain relationship, don’t be in a hurry to make your decision, while Venus is going backwards. It’s best to wait until June 28th when Venus goes direct to take action. For an indepth reading contact me.


The full moon on 6th illuminates your friends and associates chart area, there is likely to be plenty of activity taking place regarding a group you are connected to. It’s an emotional time, with a moving on in some way and a revelation. You are enjoying life this May and are positively bursting with creativity and joy. The solar eclipse on 20th draws your attention to a need for more flexibility within your work or day to day routines, it’s an eventful time. Big changes are happening for you at home.
For an indepth reading contact me.




There has been much recent activity at home as of late but at the full moon on 6th, you are very much in the public; expect some important news or event relating to work matters. The solar eclipse on 20th falls in the area of love affairs, children and creativity; expect new life and energy in these areas. Venus turns retrograde on 16th May to 28th June. It’s not the ideal time to move a relationship to a more committed level, be light and breezy but be aware of fickleness. Towards the tail of the month, your ruler Uranus, the awakener moves ever closer to contacting Pluto, planet of transformations. The changes you crave in your life are inevitably going to happen over the next few years, sometimes not in the way that you imagine them though.
 For an indepth reading contact me.




This is an important month for learning studying, with the activity happening in your communication chart area. You’re travelling mentally and dreaming of holidays, adventures and travels. Solar eclipses are like torches shining onto an area of your life that requires attention that you have swept under the carpet. In your case it is a home and family situation. Radical changes will be taking place involving an ending followed by a beginning. This action takes place on 20th but the effects are long lasting.   For an indepth reading contact me.

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