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About Natalie Delahaye - Astrologer

My name is Natalie Delahaye and I am a professional astrologer based in Farnham, Surrey. I specialise in astrologically guiding people through their everyday lives.

Please feel free to browse my Astrology website. Below you will also see details of my range of Astrology Birth Charts and Gifts for Children.

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Natalie Delahaye - Astrology Readings

Astrology can help you to make the right decisions at the right time for greater success. It is a valuable tool for understanding yourself and other people such as colleagues, partners, friends and family.

Your astrology chart is cast from the moment you were born. It is a map of the positions of the planets that is unique to you and it shows your character, strengths and weaknesses. It also shows your potential and talents in areas such as career, relationships and life path.

I can help guide you in making important decisions that influence your life, by looking at where the planets are at this moment in time in relation to where they were when you were born and providing you with an astrological prediction that help you in areas such as career and relationships.

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Astrology Birth Charts and Gifts for Children

Bebes d’etoile is my range of Astrology gifts for babies and children. I will personalise the gift for your child, which will give you insight and understanding into the personality traits of your child; their strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes. I will use my skills as an astrologer to interpret your baby’s birth chart by calculating the exact positions of the planets at the moment of birth.

Each chart interpretation is unique to your child, click here to view a sample of our Astrology Gifts.

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Latest Astrology News

I will shortly be launching my new Astrology Readings by Video. Please visit again to find all the latest features coming soon to my Astrology Website


Latest News

Astrologer Natalie Delahaye being interviewed by CNN on 23rd july, 2013, live at Buckingham Palace about the birth chart of the royal baby.





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